• Airframe Overhaul
    Cost-efficient airframe overhaul
    Each year, large numbers of highly skilled engineers graduate from Chinese universities, making China an ideal location to develop labor-intensive engineering industries such as aircraft overhaul. At Ameco Beijing, we employ thousands of experienced engineers and technicians selected from China’s top technical universities and trained in-house to rigorous international standards.
    Ameco Beijing logistics services
    The spare parts and components used in today’s aircraft are incredibly varied. Large or small, complex or simple, expensive or cheap, they have to be available when and where they are needed.
    Ameco Beijing’s Material Supplies Subdivision has approximately 300 specialists to help you with a wide range of services, including planning, procurement and AOG service, with all supported by the state-of-the-art IT hard-and software.
    A Public Bonded Warehouse, approved by General Administration of Customs, is ready for consignments in Ameco Beijing anytime.
    Complete aircraft overhaul capability
    C/D Check/ HMV
    Boeing B737CL/ B737NG/ B744/ B748/ B757/ B767/ B772/ B773ER/ B777F
    Airbus A320 series/A332/A333/A340
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